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Dog walking.

I am a professional dog walker, offering dog walking services  in and around Sheffield and Derbyshire. Drop-in feeding at your pets home, along with cat sitting services.

Dog walking and looking after pets is my passion, I am lucky enough to be able to base my career around it and spend my time with some fantastic animals.

Sheffield and North East Derbyshire have some wonderful places for walking dogs, nearly everybody lives within a short distance of a park or open space and this can be the perfect place to take your dog. It is also very good for dogs to have some walking time on paths because it keeps their nails short and strong, a sign of a dog not getting enough exercise is if their paws/nails are soft and long.

Saying that, Sheffield also has a lot of hills! I make use of these when dog walking if this is something that suits your location better.


Insured to cater for six dogs at any one time, but in general I keep my walks to four dogs.


I hold a fully up to date enhanced CRB certificate, this can be provided upon a clients request.


I am certified by Core Teaching Solutions in
Pet First Aid

All dog walks are different. Some dogs like to walk side by side, and other dogs love to run and chase after toys.

If you feel more comfortable that your dog is kept on a lead then this can be arranged.

So how does my dog walking work?

I always offer a free no obligation home visit consultation to discuss dog walking to suit your schedule, where I can meet your loved one and familiarise myself with them. We’ll discuss your dog’s individual needs and what days, times and length of time you require your dog to be exercised.

Questions and paperwork.

This gives you the opportunity to go through any questions you may have, and fill out the relevant paperwork. This will include contact details and any food/treats that you may or may not allow your dog, and of course if they have any special dietary requirements or any medication that may need to be administered.

It is important to know if your dogs have been spayed/neutered. Unless you intend to breed, I always recommend it as it is really good for dogs’ health and also means walking is safer if they are in season. Please see my spayed/neutered section for the benefits to all.

Finally we can arrange the first walk and get some exercise! The first walk is One-on-One, so we get to know each other and I can see what level their fitness and energy is at. 

After the first walk I will return your dog to its home, making sure it is clean, dry and rehydrated. If we have arranged to meet that day I can give you any feedback, and if not then when you are ready we can discus how the first walk went.

If you are happy, then we can discuss access to your pets and discuss a timetable of exercise for your dog. I am a key holder for my regular clients which makes the process very straightforward. This can be a lifesaver if a client is delayed in retuning home; keys are kept securely in a locked cabinet.


If you require me to bring any documents then please ask, you can email me, use the message section below and of course give me a call: 07721-988027.


Rebecca has been walking our dog Charlie since September 2013. He is not the friendliest chap to visitors and makes his own mind up about who he likes. He loves Rebecca and she has been briiliant with him, she is super reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others so long as they don’t steal her! I highly recommend Rebecca for dog walking and exercise.


If you have picked Rebecca to care for your pets, you have picked the best. Your pup won’t even know you are gone because she will love and care for them just as you do. Louis, my chocolate brown lab / spaniel can’t wait for her visits. Rebecca is passionate in what she does and has always treated Louis as her own, I know that no one would give them better care in my absence.

Chris and Louis

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a dog walker. She makes my working life worry free as I know my three dogs are in excellent care for a very reasonable price. Rebecca’s flexibility makes it easy to book the walks around my shifts. My dogs absolutely love her, especially my blind puppy, Shaggy!

Becky Ashmore

I have found Rebecca to be dependable, reliable, conscientious and honest. Rebecca always lets me know anything I need to know, has never let us down with arrangements, and Colin really seems to enjoy his walks. Rebecca has helped him meet and get used to other dogs which we have since noticed.

Lucy Turner

Young dogs

Have a lot of energy, and if they don’t get the chance to burn it off, destructive behavior is often the result. Have you had to replace any pillows that have been shredded?

Active breeds

Need a minimum of 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise most days of the week, preferably daily. Dogs need enough that they are slowed down by the time you stop.

Small breeds

Not all small breeds get enough exercise inside the house (contrary to popular belief). Pugs, for example, are prone to obesity and need much more exercise than they usually get.


We get to walk  in some beautiful  places.


Obedience is integrated while out on the walks.


We walk what ever the weather!


Dogs love playing while out.

  • Transport

    My car has been adapted for the safe transportation of dogs, you are welcome to inspect this at the free consultation.

  • Length of Walk

    Walks are 30/60 minutes, this may not sound long to many however we don’t stroll along- we play hard! Longer walks can be arranged upon request.

  • On or off the lead

    Both options are available depending upon your dogs recall and your wishes, off lead consent forms will need to be signed.

  • Clean pets

    When we are out walking and playing it can be a muddy affair. All dogs are cleaned and towel dried before they are left to relax after their walk.

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