M y name is Rebecca, and I set up Pawsitive Walks through a friend’s encouragement who is also a professional dog walker.

I covered her walks when she was on holiday, I enjoyed it so much and through demand I set up my my own dog walking business. Don’t worry we are still good friends!

My past lengthy career has been in event management working all over the country. When I had any free time I would go walking to de-stress!

I have grown up with dogs all my life. a few years ago I adopted a seven year old Ruby King Charles, who had been abused throughout his life.

His health had deteriorated through neglect – his fur had been eaten away with fleas, and he’d never been outside so had soft paws that bled on hard surfaces until they toughened up.

He had no training, and was a nervous wreck.

With hard work and a lot of love, he began to trust me. His fur started growing, he gained weight and was toilet trained – all within a matter of weeks.

We go everywhere together; he is very gentle and patient with young children, who enjoy playing him.


Here I am relaxing at home with my nephew and dog.