Dog Walking Services

My main service is dog walking in and around Sheffield and NE Derbyshire .  I try and keep the maximum number to four dogs per session. With this said, my dog walking services depend on locations so on occasion I may keep an extra dog with me. I am insured to have six dogs at any one time.

Once your dog and I have established a relationship, and after careful introductions to my other dogs your dog will be collected and walked from your house. On occasion they may be transported, sometimes with his/her companions to a suitable exercise venue within the local vicinity. This may mean that sometimes they are out of the house for longer than their allotted walking time.

Most dogs love being around their friends. It helps them to socialise and relax with their own kind. They enjoy the interaction of the walk and play together, something which most dogs do not experience 24/7 as companion animals.

Should your canine companion not enjoy being part of a pack then I can offer a “One on One” dog walking service. For details see pricing or contact me directly to discuss the options.